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About Us

We are a simple and humble start up with a passion for Airsoft.  We're a small group of players who are out on the fields every weekend.

Our business is based out of Southern California.  We have no brick and mortar storefront yet as we are still developing, so we operate as an ecommerce shop and hopefully with the support of the public, we can continue to grow.

We have no board of directors, no CEO, we're just simple players with a love for the game.

Lock N Load Airsoft's Purpose

Our purpose is simple and straightforward; to bring you the largest selection of Airsoft parts on earth.  All of us have worked for well known Airsoft retailers in the past, and we understand that when it comes to needing replacement parts to get your loadout back up and running, too often the parts needed were not available.


We aim to be the grassroots Airsoft shop of the player, for the player.