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KWA Premium Gearbox Supplemental Parts Kit

KWA Premium Gearbox Supplemental Parts Kit

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Description:  If you've been looking for extreme quality gearbox component upgrades, you've come to the right place!  These KWA OEM upgrades provide instant enhancement on a full spectrum scale for a fraction of the cost.

Cylinder: Featuring a brass construction with a high complete brass purity level that is self cleaning.  It also features a wide porting slot whose placement on the cylinder and length of the port were designed intentionally to give maximum function as well as increased rate of fire.

Primary Spring:  This M100 KWA designed gearbox spring is one of the most durable on the market.  But what truly sets this design apart from others, is that it maintains its integrity in terms of spring expansion even under extended periods of time in which the spring may be completely compressed.  This spring will not lose its high grade level of elasticity, and this design was created to fix this issue that many other gearbox springs still endure.

Triggers:  The triggers feature a black matte finish with a coating that allows the shooter to maintain grip without slipping.  The build of this trigger was designed to take a hit and still function where other triggers would normally snap.

Tappet Plate & Spring:  The tappet plate is heavily reinforced, and its quality is off the charts.  For those of you who know what a bend & break point test is, we ran multiple tests in which this tappet plate was compared to the durability of other tappet plates such as JG | Echo 1 | Ares | Lancer Tactical | Cyma | and more.  Each tappet plate was measured in its integrity by gauging the point in which each one snapped and broke.  This KWA version had the highest ranking in its ability to endure before the breach occurred. 

Selector Plate: Like the other polymer parts, quality and durability is a key foundation in the KWA manufacturing of these components, and this selector plate is no different.  This reinforced selector plate hosts a matte black finish, and includes a pure brass sheathing.

Spring Guide:  The spring guide is full metal, and features tri ringed assembly for maximum durability and performance.  In addition what sets this spring guide apart is that it ditches the dot wing locking sides and upgraded them to wide wings to ensure zero movement, and longevity that will always surpass the alternatives.  It will be the last spring guide ever needed.

Gearbox Shell Screw Set:  Even the gearbox install screws were a focus of quality.  All screws are construction grade, high heat tempered, complete with a star driver fitting.

Safety Lever Kit: The solid build of the safety lever wing kit is unsurpassed and goes far above industry standard.  This item is reinforced and provides perfectly secure fitment with the ability to take a hit and remain unaffected.