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G36 Performance Gearbox AEG 2GX Boneyard KWA

BONEYARD: KWA G36 Gearbox w/ Wiring

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Comes as pictured 

Status: The internal status is unknown because it's missing the trigger and some internals so we couldn't test the internal function of the rest of the gearbox.

You get the shell casing, the wiring, the bearings, this is a steal of a deal! 

Classification: Boneyard 



What is the Boneyard?
The boneyard is a place where items go that are untested or defective or in need of repair.  Now in particular to Lock And Load Airsoft, we operate as a very small team of just a few people, and there is a mountain of product, therefore most of the items are automatically sent to the boneyard because there is no time to have them tested for functionality.  Sometimes the boneyard items will be in need of repair, sometimes they'll work right out of the box. And since boneyard prices are really low, all boneyard items are sold on an as is basis. The reason this benefits the customer either way is because either you get the item you paid for, or better.