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KWA KM4 Premium Retractable Stock | MilSpec

KWA KM4 Premium Retractable Stock | MilSpec

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Description: The KWA KM4 stock is the hallmark of retractable stock quality.  

It's the real deal and there there is no substitution for this kind of quality. 

One of the best features of this stock is the way the button plate attaches, if you've ever purchased a different brand stock you know one of the most notorious issues is that the wings of the butt plate easily snap off, rendering it useless.  This KWA Stock changes all that, it snaps in and out effortlessly with no risk of snapping and breaking.

Compatibility: MilSpec. This stock is compatible with an infinite list that extends across many brands and manufacturers.

You get the whole stock, we don't play the 'Butt stock plate sold separately' game.  

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