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KWA Full Metal 2GX Version 2 Gearbox | Rear Wired

KWA Full Metal 2GX Version 2 Gearbox | Rear Wired

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Please note: The 2GX gearbox is not a universally compatible version 2 gearbox, it is specific to KWA receivers due to the additional protruding metal of the gearbox shown just below the nozzle.

Description: The KWA 2GX Version 2 Gearbox is absolutely legendary! KWA has always been known for its high quality merchandise, but this particular gearbox is above and beyond.

The 2GX Shell: The gearbox shell is heavily reinforced to withstand years of proper usage. It also features the KWA logo, inscribed on the left panel.

The Bearings: The KWA bearings and its respective performance speaks for itself. These are high speed high quality STEEL BASED gems.

The Wiring System: Featuring heavy gauge wiring, durable poly-sheathing, and pure brass contacts, the same brass used on the delay coin.

Tappet Plate: High grade polymer build with reinforced connection spring

Frame Screws: The KWA 2GX ditches the standard flat head/cross screws and opted for the heavier metal star driver screws for added closure endurance

Nozzle: The KWA polymer nozzle is as good as it gets for polymer nozzles, it's made from the same high strength polymer used to created the tappet plate.

Cylinder: The 2GX gearbox features a ported brass cylinder with polymer cylinder head and brass stem.

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